Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Cliff Notes

I have been a delinquent! I have not been able to provide any blogs while I was in some of the towns during the last half of my trip. Getting internet was just too difficult.

I’ve had some friends asking what happened. And still, I have yet to get any more information out there, other than posting some pictures on Facebook. I’m sorry to those who have been waiting to hear more about my trip. Here’s the quick version:

I finished the trail on Wednesday October 7th. I arrived in Altamont, NY at around 12:30 in the afternoon after hiking 15 miles that day. The day before, I hiked my biggest day putting in about 27 miles so I could have a short day to finish and travel back to NJ.

The time in between my last blog: I hiked through the Central Catskills, which hurt like #@%&, and made it Palenville, NY where I had to stay for a couple days due to weather. I feared the hurricane was going to end my hike, but it didn’t, so I pressed on. I had many road walks with beautiful weather and good terrain…nothing to complain about except that the trip was coming to an end.

I’ll write more on how I managed to keep going and the folks I met soon. Each blog will have more pictures posted to make up for I didn’t post before.

More to come…

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