Monday, September 14, 2015

The southern Tour de woods

It's day 4 and I'm heading back out after 2 nights of what I'll call "Glamping" (hiking into hotels).  It's not what I came for but good for getting some final decent meals in before being out for a few nights. Tonight I'm going to be hanging my first bear bag! Not sure I need to worry much about the bears in Harriman SP but I should be concerned about that in NJ (bear haven).  Day 4 should be fun. It has cooled down and the true adventure begins when I get into the bigger parks. Not that the last few days haven't been because they have.  I'll just be presented with different challenges.

On day 1, Lindsay dropped me off at the trailhead. We had great day together. :) I almost opted to wait another day but her work schedule probably wouldn't have allowed that.  So I finally got started around 4pm. Lindsay said it was not so dramatic since I disappeared into the woods after 4 steps. "And there he goes".

That night I camped near the Stateline lookout. It was a nice night, but it was hot. I didn't sleep much as the sweat just rolled off of me.  Kind of reminds me why I ended in hotels the last couple nights.

Second day was great. I made some progress moving up the Hudson river along Tallman Mountain, through Piermont, NY, Tackamac Park, and Blauvelt SP.  I ended my day at the Super 8 in Nyack.  After two days I was hurting really bad. Brought back memories of the AT.

So after having some good food and a few beers, I moved on the next day through Hook Mountain. Great Place!  I don't know why I never visited this park in all the times I've hiked in the area.  This is great place to see the leaves when they have changed colors and I would highly suggest going if you've never been.

I have some pictures to coming. I'm at a hotel that won't allow me to upload my photos onto their computer, so I'll have to wait. It may be a few days before I can do that. For now, I have to get on the trail.

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